Banks Announces Candidacy for District 9

The Hendersonville Standard


My name is Jordan Banks, and I am excited to serve on the Sumner County Commission in District 9, the Indian Lake Peninsula of Hendersonville.  Those that know me well say I am driven, intelligent, outspoken when necessary, but a quiet and intent listener to those that need my help and attention.  I am passionate about education and helping those less fortunate than myself.  This passion drives me to serve our community. 

My family and I moved to Hendersonville four years ago and instantly fell in love with the area and the people we met.  Though we are relatively new here we have jumped into community service with both feet.  I have had the pleasure of coaching soccer teams, assisting with PTO meetings at Indian Lake Elementary, and organizing community events around school safety.  My wife, Sarah, serves as a room mom at ILE and is a proud Girl Scout Troop leader for the second year.

Like many in Middle Tennessee, I work in the event production industry and have for the last 15 years.  What started as a love for live music, has developed into a career that challenges me creatively, technically, and managerially on a daily basis.  I design and implement multi-million-dollar events for Fortune 500 companies around the world; interacting with CEOs and heads of state.

I lead hundreds of team members to install, operate, and tear down these events.  This career has given me a unique perspective on helping people work together for a common goal, whether the CEO of Coca-Cola, the Prime Minister of Canada, or the 50 stagehands working on an event.  This job has also provided me with the opportunity to work with large budgets, so I know how quickly money can be squandered if not managed carefully. 

As commissioner I will use my passion for community, education, and family, as well as my knowledge and leadership ability to fight for strong schools, managed growth, solid infrastructure, and fiscal responsibility.  I will actively search out your voices on the issues, and I will be the person you can reach at any time of day or night with a problem.  If it is a dilemma I cannot directly solve, I will be your advocate and find the correct avenue for resolution.  

I hope that you will allow me to be your NEW VOICE, so that together we can bring FRESH IDEAS to Sumner County.